Friday, January 15, 2010


Let me introduce you to George. George is a Mii character on the Wii. George didn't start out being George. His real name is a mixture of letters and numbers. Kade made the Mii from an exisiting one just edited a few things. While making changes to this guy he showed Ryan. Ryan's immediate reaction was, "He looks like a pedophile!" Probably not the best choice of words to say in front of a four year old because they hear an interesting word and then that's their favorite word. So after Kade heard the word pedophile that is what he started calling the Mii. Every time we played a Wii game he would said, "I want to be pedophile!" I think he wanted to be him more because sometimes is made us laugh when he would say the word.

I didn't really think there was a big problem with it. I was a little worried he might end up calling some random person that name. We started kind of correcting him and to get him to call him another name. But it really didn't come up that often. We were really lucky that he didn't see a strange looking man in the store resembling his Mii character and then Kade saying loudly, "It's pedophile!" and then point at him. I would have just died!

So Ryan was telling someone at work what Kade was saying and this person told Ryan that we need to give Pedophile a new name, like George. So that night Ryan came home and we gave him the name George (no offence to anyone named George). Ryan wanted to test Kade out and kept asking Kade, "Who is that?" Kade would say George, but Ryan wanted him to point out who George was because there were other Mii characters up on the screen. So he said, "Which one is George?" and Kade replied, "Pedophile." I am glad that George has a new name now! He isn't as interested in being George anymore. He likes to be his own Mii character.



Lori said...

That's funny!

Jenny from the Blog said...

George does look like a pedophile! I agree with Ryan...but also wouldn't want him to call someone that! HILARIOUS!!