Monday, January 25, 2010

The littlest things that just melt your heart!

This is just so cute! I found it posted on FB and on a friend's blog. I just couldn't help posting it because it is just so cute and it made me cry! Why? I am wondering the same thing. Was it because I am pregnant? Was it because I am a Mom? Or was it because I am a Mom who when I see a baby especially at birth and in the first year I think about those moments I missed with Kooper? Probably a little of all three, but I think I cried mostly because I am a Mom and babies/kids are one of God's greatest gifts and are just the cutest things ever! Gosh this is the third "happy/heart melting" cry today. The first one was when I watched the same State Farm commercial that I have seen a thousand times when the Mom returns home from being at War and embraces her son. The second was when I opened a package from my sister-in-law Jeni to see a cute little Monkey outfit for the little bean growing inside me. Kind of embarrassing, will it ever stop?


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TheBurninghams said...

Me and you date to this movie...