Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big and Blah! - 20 weeks!

Today I am feeling....big and blah. Now that Kade and Kamryn are getting over their colds I guess it is my turn. I must of contracted it being the comforter to their crying form ear infections or coughs and wiping their little runny noses. But they are worth it. I am all congested and my head feels huge! Not only that in the past week or so I feel like I have ballooned. I am starting to look pregnant and I am feeling the baby kicking all the time. I am 20 weeks pregnant now. Only 17 weeks to go! Well that's the plan for now. Hopefully this cold goes as fast as it came and I can get on with being a happy and healthy Mommy.

So I had Ryan take my picture tonight of my belly. I decided to wear the same shirt that he took of my 20 week pregnant belly with Kamryn. Here is the comparison.

I can't beleive a made it a whole month posting every day. 1 down 11 to go!



Young Family said...

You look great!

Kendra said...

Congratulations Kami! I didn't know you were expecting! You look beautiful.

Shandi said...

You are a cute pregnant girl! What kind of pants are those? They are cute

dunnfamily2 said...

you are the cutest pregnant person i know! by the way, my vote for the name was wouldn't post on the blog

amyraye said...

yay for an entire month of daily posting! is it therapeutic for you like it is for me?

Kami said...

Thanks guys! I don't feel cute, but hey I guess it comes with being pregnant.

The pants are just my regular BKE pants. They are newer in that picture than they are now. I just use an elastic hair tie and loop it around the button. The capri's are from Motherhood.

Amy, the daily posting is very therapeutic. Thanks for the inspiration!