Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some excitiment at the Perry house!

Yesterday as I was getting ready for the day I turned on my Scentsy candle warmer and went into the bathroom to get ready. Kamryn started to fuss and cry so I hurried along, meanwhile Kade was walking around saying, "What's that smell? What's that smell?" Whenever there is a new scent good or bad he asks that. I kept saying it was the candle warmer and going along my merry way. As I walk out into our living room area I can smell burning. I run to the warmer because that is the only thing I can think of that could cause a burning smell and that wasn't it. I look around and see my tall paper lamp on and run over to it. Sure enough that is where the smell is coming from. I look down into it and there is a burp cloth on top of one of the bulbs and it is burning the burp cloth. As I reached down to pull it out a small flame is starting on the burp cloth and I was lucky that the paper shade didn't catch fire especially since Kamryn's swing was pretty close to the lamp and she was in it.

So we had some excitement yesterday morning. Kade must have turned the light on while I was getting ready.

Kade had this thing with kicking clothing into the air and sometimes it ends up on the entertainment center or in the fan, it must have fallen into the lampshade sometime before he turned the lamp on.

So Kade and I had a talk. I tried explaining that the whole house could have burned down and that Kamryn or one of us could have gotten hurt really bad. Hopefully our little talk helps and he doesn't turn into a pyromaniac. It doesn't help that he wants to be Torch (from the Fatastic Four) for Halloween!


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