Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Aggie!

I forgot about this cute romper my Mom bought for Kade when he was a baby. It is so cute. I love the butt! Keegan will probably only fit in it for a short time. It probably would have fit when he was 1 month old! It's not too tight he is just so long that if he gets any longer it won't fit! He has rolled from his stomach to his back 4 times now. I know he doesn't know he is doing it, but it is a good sign that he will soon be doing it, which I don't know if I am ready for a baby that can roll. Sometimes it seems like he should be older than almost 3 months old. I don't want him to grow and get even bigger, although it will be nice when he can play with Kamryn and they can entertain each other!




Christy said...

Cute!! I love it! He's getting so grown up. Three months already went by?! Man. :)

Shandi said...

How cute, I love it. He's getting so big. He was tiny last I saw him. Its amazing how fast they grow!

amyraye said...

my parents are Aggies, too. are you an aggie- or your parents?