Friday, September 3, 2010

First NFL game!

Last night was a first for me, I went to my first NFL football game. It was a lot of fun. Wednesday night I get a phone call from Ryan that one of his co-workers who happen to have tickets to the Cardinals game couldn't go because he was sick and wanted Ryan to have them. They were playing the Redskins (my Dad's favorite NFL team). I immediately called my Dad just in case he wanted to go badly enough to fly down to Phoenix. I bet if it wasn't a preseason game he might have. So anyways I scrambled to find a babysitter and find Kade a ride home from soccer practice and off Ryan and I went on a date to the Cardinals game! It was lots of fun! Thanks hunny for a fun night!

Of course I forgot the camera so I had to use my phone. This was the view we had up in the Cox Suite.

I will add the pic that Ryan and I took of ourselves later, if it looks ok.


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