Monday, September 27, 2010

Babysitter's Club Little Sister (memory monday)

Not only did I love school supplies as a kid (and still as an adult) I also loved and still love book orders. I missed them so much once I got out of Elementary school. And now Kade is in school and I get to enjoy them again!

I remember searching through the couple pages of all of these books searching for favorites or ones that would catch my attention and then go home and beg my mom for them.  I don't remember how often I actually got to order out of them but I always loved it when I got the chance to.
I think I liked it so much because I have always enjoyed reading.  I loved to read The Babysitters Club little sister Karen books. I think I read all 100 and something of them.  My Mom would take us to the library about once a week and I would check out around 3-4 books and would read and read. Sometimes finishing my first book late that night.  I was so intrigued and loved Karen, Hanna and the other friend of hers  (can't remember her name). To be in 2nd grade again and my only worry was what Karen book I would read next! haha Those were the days!

I can definitely wait for Kamryn to get older but I am excited to share these books that I so loved to read with her and I hope she will develop this same love for books as I do! She already loves to look at them so hopefully that's a good sign.

What were your favorite books as a kid?



Christy said...

Aww...I loved the Babysitter's Club little sister too! I also liked the other one too. :) I'd totally forgotten about them. Thanks for reminding me. :)

amyraye said...

sweet valley high series.