Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazy day!

Today has been interesting.

First off after both kids taking a nap at the same time and getting ready for the day I started off by going to Goodwill. I am looking for a large frame to make this:
I was planning on this being my craft to do tomorrow, but it looks like I will be putting this one off another week.

After that I went to Target to walk around and look at their clearance sections. While doing so I found some awesome deals on pillows, the only problem is when I go to Target I have to take my double stroller because my car seat doesn't fit into the cart very well and with Kamryn and Keegan it makes it difficult. So I had my stroller and there were only a few pillows left and they were less than 5 dollars each (they were decorative pillows). So I see an empty cart at the end of the isle and load my pillows in it. Here I am pushing a double stroller with one hand and pulling a cart with the other. I walked through the store for probably 30 more minutes too!

When I got home I had about 15 minutes until I needed to pick up Kade. Keegan fell asleep in his car seat so i put him down by the couch and started to do dishes while I waited. Load the kids in the car to pick Kade up from the bus stop (which is no where near our house) and I smell this awful smell! On top of it all Kade's bus is 10 minutes late. Kade can barely stand to be in the car and I figure it must be Kamryn, she hasn't pooped all day and I heard her farting earlier! We get inside and I go to unbuckle Keegan and I can see it before I even get him unbuckled. HUGE BLOWOUT!

Later on we went to Kade's soccer practice. Kamryn gets so bored and it's right during her dinner time so I tried to entertain her with watermelon and raisins and graham crackers. It didn't last for long. We ended up going on a little walk through the park. They have a splash pad there too, so I let her play in the water. It was 107 degrees and I was sick of hearing her cry so we played! Kade come over after practice and was able to cool down too!

Kade, Kamryn and some random girl.

After dinner and baths I asked Kamryn, "Do you want to go to bed?" She shook her head no. To make sure she understood and wasn't just shaking her head I asked, "Do you want to watch Barney?" She said, "Yessss!"
I really should get cleaning...but I think I'd rather go to bed!


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