Monday, September 6, 2010

Mommy Brain

This is the day I usually post about a memory...well my brain won't spit anything out right now and I know why...lately I can't remember anything. I have had the worst Mom brain lately. The past few weeks I have put something down and seconds later can't find it. I usually blame it on Kamryn because her new thing is picking up whatever she can and taking it somewhere else. I find random things all throughout the house. Almost 100 percent of the time I find what I am looking for and it definitely wasn't her that moved it, I just forgot where I put it. I don't know if I just have so much on my mind lately or if there is no more room in my brain or what is going on, but hopefully it starts to get better because I feel so stressed when I can't find things.

For example we are on the hunt for Kade's backpack. Right now I am blaming Ryan because I swear I put it on the ledge between the playroom and living room. He says he didn't move it. I mostly believe him and I am sure tomorrow I will find it and I probably put it wherever it is and forgot I put it there!

Which leads in to my memory. I have lost two things in my life that I will never forget that I lost and I NEVER found and I still wonder what happened to them.

First thing: My doll Camera (don't remember how it was spelled). I got her for Christmas when I was 2. My favorite Cabbage Patch doll. She had the bean bag bum even...I with they still made them like that.

Second thing: My blanket. I think this was made by my Grandma Alder. (Mom please correct me if I'm wrong....actually you probably don't remember who made it, especially if your brain is anything like mine). I loved this blanket and one day I went to look for it and it was gone. (I had to scan these pictures from my scrapbook that I put together when I was 12.)

Strangely enough I lost both of these things as a little girl and still remember searching for them...



Jenny from the Blog said...

That is funny Kami! I had a Cabbage Patch doll named Jenny Jilly and she was an original that I lost as a kid and I also lost a blanket that my mom made for me...of course I was already an adult when she made it and I'm sure my ex-boyfriend has it and is being mean not giving it back but I lost that too....

I have mommy brain too! I forget things ALL the time!!

Shandi said...

I hear ya on the mommy brain. I don't have much of an excuse though, I only have 1! Good luck, I hope yours gets better :)