Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun Day!

Fun day today! Kade had his second soccer game and I didn't get any pictures because I had my hands full the entire time! The assistant coach is gone so Ryan was the assistant coach the whole game. So there I sat in 110 degrees with Keegan in my lap.Luckily Kamryn sat in one of those fold out camping chairs for the entire hour and after last week we went out and bout a cool umbrella called a sport brella to keep out the sun! I just kept Kamryn busy with snacks, drink, my phone, and her doll. I was so thankful that she was such a good girl and that Keegan was such a good boy and slept the whole second half!

Then we met up with our friends since they were on our side of town and hung out at their parents house for a little bit and let the kids play and ended the night with dinner at a yummy restaurant, Tagliani's (I think that's how it's spelled.)

Here is a picture of Kamryn and SaraJane having a snack, It looked to me like they were having a little tea party! Can't wait til they are a little older and actually do have little tea parties!

Here we are at the restaurant. It was hard to get everyone in a picture...but we tried! Sneaky Jenna took the pictures so we didn't get one of her in it!


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love your hair, kami