Sunday, September 12, 2010

So today I was trying to nap since I have to work tonight. I have a really hard time sleeping during the day and with a head cold on top of it all it makes it really rough. Ryan was watching football and all the kids. All of a sudden all I could hear is yelling. Ryan would probably say, "I wasn't yelling, I was raising my voice." I don't even remember what he was saying. All I knew was he was yelling at the TV (I was laying in bed, rolling my eyes, because I don't understand how men can get so mad about a football game). So he did one more big yell and Keegan screamed at the top of his lungs. I laughed a little in my head. Come to find out a horrible call was made against Ryan's favorite football team, the Detroit Lions. Keegan must have been upset about it too! I know it was bad because later on in the day someone commented on what a horrible call it was. Ryan just wasn't being biased against his team. I just thought it was hilarious how made Keegan got when Ryan started yelling. Thanks Keegan for reminding your Daddy that it's just a game! haha!

I love you Ryan, even though you like to yell (raise your voice) at the tv a lot during football season!


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