Friday, September 17, 2010

I love babies!

So I got some great ideas from some great ladies, both of them I look up to! So I should be good for a while. I feel rejuvenated with ideas. And on those days when my brain can't think of something to blog about, I will have something to look at for inspiration!

Today was a good day. I had lots of fun today. My friend Sara and I went to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (our kids were awesome by the way) and then we headed over to Hobby Lobby. I was unsuccessful in finding what I went there for but ended up coming home with a few Halloween things to take to Kooper at the cemetery.

Things were going pretty good until Kade started pouring his milk in the recycle can. Guess who went to bed an hour early?

So it's been nice and quiet tonight. I haven't gotten much done except holding Keegan, but that's ok. I realized tonight how much I love babies and why exactly I do love them so much.

I love that their skin is so soft, even if you didn't put lotion on them that day.
I love how they don't have stinky breath.
I love that their hands are never sticky or dirty (unless you are eating while holding them and they somehow manage to get their hands in your ice cream)
I love how peaceful they look when they sleep (I guess all kids look that way)
I love how they curl their toes and clasp their feet together and bring their hands and arms up to their chest looking swaddled even though they are laying flat on a blanket.
I love how they suck on anything that gets near their face....although I am wearing a nice hickey on my arm from that. And sometimes what might be near their face probably doesn't taste that good.
I love how they look out into the nothingness (I think I just made up that word) and just smile.
I love how innocent they are.
I love that when you need it the most they seem to give you a smile.
I love that they can't talk back to you.
I love that when you talk to them they smile.
I love that they sleep a lot!
I love their tiny miniature bodies.
I love that you can't really get mad at them because they don't know that they did something wrong.
I love when they laugh in their sleep (Keegan recently did this and his laugh sounds just like Kamryn's. Ryan thinks that his screaming cry sounds just like hers too!)
I love when they smack on their binkies.
I love when they get startled from their sleep they throw their hands in the air like they are on a roller coaster. I love the smell of freshly bathed and lotioned babies.
I love their tiny little bottom lips that stick out when they get sad.
I love the coos they make as they try and talk.
I love to just stare at them and take them all in.
I love to just sit and hold them.



TheBurninghams said...

I love babies too! Maybe that is why I may treat SaraJane a little babyish. She is my baby. You sure make cute babies. I love laying down and cuddling them up to my chest and feeling their breathe with mine. I love their smell and I LOVE to cover their whole bodies with kisses

Young Family said...

You just made me baby hungry!

Jenny from the Blog said...

You know you made me think of things I love about my babies too!! I love that when I tell my 6 month old to say Mama, his whole body relaxes and he really listens to me. This is the only way I can get him dressed in a reasonable time without him kicking me and rolling around!

Thanks for that Kami!