Wednesday, September 8, 2010

3 months old

Keegan is now 3 months old! I had to give a shout out to my Dad for his birthday yesterday so Keegan's post got pushed back a day. He is growing so fast. I measured him yesterday and he is 26 inches long! Such a big boy! They grow to fast! He is still a good baby. He hasn't been going as long at night as he used to. Lately it's been 6 hours and he will wake up eat and go back to sleep. I was enjoying the 8 hours much more. But I am not complaining! He still loves to be swaddled and held all the time! He doesn't mind car rides as long as we keep on moving. He has strong legs and can bare his weight on them. He is a wiggly baby just like Kamryn. Kade was more calm then these two. He loves to smile and I always catch him smiling when Kade or Kamryn are crying or whining. He must think they are silly. He likes to talk and look at the fan. I am watching him sleep right now. He is so cute and peaceful. We love him so much!


Ryan said...

I love you Keegan, I wish I could be there to watch you laugh and smile at your silly brother and sister. Thank goodness for Internet, it allow me to stay connected with my family from half way across the country. Daddy will be home tomorrow night. I love you guys!

TheBurninghams said...

What a cute boy you are. Hope you had a great 3 month b-day. Love ya!