Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love you, You love me!

What is up with this purple dinosaur???

Kamryn has always had a love for the TV remote control. Ever since she could grab things and crawl. She would try and find the remote. So now she has figured out which button changes the channel. She scrolls from channel to channel sometimes stopping for a minute if whatever garbage is on catches her eye. After a few minutes of that she starts to get mad until you ask, "Do you want to watch Barney?" and her blue eyes light up and she claps her hands together and gives a big smile showing the 5 teeth she has. She notices when you go to the DRV list and then gets even more excited. I ask her, "Barney?" and she says back, "bah, bah, bah!" And then it starts. Here eyes glued to the TV! She gets up dances, claps her hands, and jumps ups and down (she can't literally jump yet but she bounces). She loves him. She babbles off things (I have no clue what she is saying).I told my friend Jenna when here daughter fell in love with Barney that Kamryn would not be watching Barney, but Barney has been a lifesaver and as much as I don't want to admit it I too as a kid was a fan of Barney (yep, it's been around that long). And not to embarrass my little sister, she was an even bigger fan of Barney, stuffed animal and all!



Ryan said...

I know it is so cute what she does. I probably let her watch it too much as well, but I get a good laugh out of how excited she gets. She is so stinkin cute!!! I love you Kamryn!!!

Ashley & Jared said...

not to mention my barney shorts either.... gosh what was mom thinking letting me wear something like those! But I am glad Kamryn loves barney just like her Aunti!