Monday, September 13, 2010

Sisters (memory monday)

I am the middle child. I have two sisters. My older sister BreeAnn is 4 years old than me and my younger sister Ashley is 3 years younger than me. It was fun because I got to play Barbie's and Dolls for a long time. When my older sister got too big to play them my younger sister would play with me.The crappy part was that Bree would pick on me and when I would try and pick on Ashley, Bree would stick up for her and end up holding me down so that Ashley could get back at me.

Well one night when my parents were out on a date and BreeAnn was babysitting. Ashley was probably 5 or so I got out a scary Halloween mask. Ashley was in the tub and I snuck into the bathroom and ripped open the shower curtain and scared Ashley. She screamed bloody murder and sure enough BreeAnn helped Ashley get back at me. I don't remember what they did. I am sure it consisted of BreeAnn holding me down and Ashley hitting me.

Another time I woke up early one Saturday morning. I was bored so I grabbed the same mask which was hidden up at the top of the coat closet. I went into Ashley's room and leaned over her peacefully sleeping head and whispered her name in a husky voice. Sure enough she opened her eyes and screamed bloody murder. I think that time I ended up getting in trouble by my parents.

Sorry Ashley for putting you through that! It was fun at the time and now we can look back on it and laugh.

Love my sisters!


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Ashley & Jared said...

Thats ok, I forgive you! I think to this day I am still a little frightened of that mask! I know I will never forget it either!