Friday, September 24, 2010

Splash Pad!

I just have to say that I think Keegan is one of the happiest babies! He is just so content laying on a blanket tlaking to himself and I love it! I don't remember Kamryn liking that so much. We had a fun day today. I wish is twasn't so hot outside though!

Jenna and her friend, which is now my friend Sara came out and we took the girls to the splash pad.  Keegan enjoyed being outside too. Then I had Carambas for the first time ever (it was better than I expected..possibly a new favorite!)



Lori said...

You've never had Caramba's? How long have you lived in AZ? J/K What did you have?

The Sandersens said...

What a fun day! Thank you for having us over..... We will have to do it again!!!