Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Reviews of the most recent things I have done.

Book: Mockingjay....great book, I loved the ending but wish it was written differently. You will understand when you read it, if not let me know..I don't want to spoil it for anyone else.

Movie: Babies...thought I was going to love it. The couple from the U.S. were kind of weird and I don't think they represented American Culture (whatever that is) very well. Don't think I could watch it again.

Movie in the theater: Grown Ups...super funny. Laughed out loud most of the movie. Definitely would watch it again!

Shopping: H&M...had some awesome clothes for cheap....some were weird but loved most of what I saw. It was worth the drive to Scottsdale.

Treat: Kroger brand Baby Ruth ice cream...super yummy! Loved every bite of it and it's cheap!

Food: Johnny Rockets...went there today and had an awesome burger...their french fries were delicious... very comparable to Crown Burger (who has the best french fries ever). I really wish they had fry sauce though. If you haven't had fry sauce you need to. It's soo yummy!

Job at home: Being a mom. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Coming up with a blog post tonight: Super hard and I am glad I thought of something.

Tried something new or really enjoyed something you have done recently...please share, I want to try something new.



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