Monday, August 30, 2010


I don't post a whole lot about our dog CJ. He was our first "baby"! Kade even calls him his older brother. We got him only a month after we were married. When Ryan was at work I got lonely and didn't really have many friends. So I talked him into getting a dog. We would watch Planet's Funniest Animals on the Animal Planet channel. We would walk through the mall pet stores and talk about what kind of dog we wanted and eventually looked at the classifieds to find a dog. Originally we went to look at a miniature pinture (I have no idea how to spell it). While we were there I saw this little ball of fur and fell in love. That's when we got CJ. He was my baby and I dressed him up all the time. His favorite spot in the house is under the bed. He is a kisser and is always giving kisses!

Ryan and I are still debating over the color of this it a black or a blue stripe??? I think blue he thinks black. He still disagrees with me after seeing it! What do you think?

Silly dog!



Shandi said...

I think blue too

Ryan said...

The only issue with your vote Shandi or anyone's vote for that matter is that Kami mentioned what color she thought it was...of course friendships and loyalty will prevail and I don't stand a fair chance. The fair question would have been to ask what color you thought the colors were without planting any seeds on one side or the other. Bottom line is the outfit in the first picture is Black and Yellow = case solved!

Jenny from the Blog said...

If you wanna get all technical about it....color is actually an illusion so it's both depending on what colors are reflecting off of the sweater at that time.

I think it's blue though!