Monday, August 2, 2010

Cooking (Memory Monday)

Memory Monday

I have decided to try and look back on memories of my childhood on Mondays.

To start off I don't know if I have blogged about this, but not only do I not really like to cook, I can't cook and I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards. Plus I am a picky eater and on top of that sometimes I have a hard time eating what I cook because I either see exactly what's in it or I see the raw meat and have a hard time eating it. I have this phobia that I didn't cook it all the way through.

So just over a week ago I made cheesecake. And every time I get out the sweetened condensed milk, without fail I remember this one Sunday afternoon.

I was about 15 years old. It was a nice summer Sunday afternoon. My parents were out for a drive and I was super hungry. My mom had prepared the potatoes for funeral potato casserole (cheese potatoes). So I called my parents on the phone and asked if I could fix the casserole and start cooking it so we could eat soon after they got back home. Honestly I don't know why I wasn't with them on their drive. I loved Sunday drives. We would drive around the newer neighborhoods in the valley or just drive around. As I kid I loved to be in the car and enjoyed our road trip vacations. Anyways back onto the subject. I began to prepare the soup portion and did it just how it said to in the recipe. I cooked the potatoes and my parents got home and we sat down to dinner. I took one bite of those potatoes and knew something was wrong. But what? As we went through the recipe to see what I did wrong my mom read off, "1 can of milk" and I said. "Yeah I got a can of milk out of the cupboard." Unfortunately my mom's recipe didn't say fill the condensed soup can full of milk and pour into mixture. It just said one can of milk so I looked for a can of milk. Needless to say the entire casserole went into the garbage and I don't remember what we ate for dinner but it was probably cereal or McDonald's! So when I wrote the recipe down before I moved out I made sure to write down the actual measurement of milk, 1 cup. And now every time I or someone else in my family makes funeral potatoes they always bring up, "Remember that one time when Kami tried to make funeral potatoes?...."


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