Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet the Teacher

Today was meet the teacher day! Kade was so excited. It was a disorganized mess at the school and from what I hear it's like that every year. I was glad that I got to check out Kade's new classroom and meet his teacher. Unfortunately I had to go with all the kids by myself, I was worried that I couldn't give Kade the attention he deserved but luckily Keegan slept the whole time. Kamryn was a little grumpy so I gave her the school supplies list and by the time I got home and went to see what I did with it I couldn't find it! Here is where Kade will be sitting at school! He didn't want to leave! When we did leave he wanted to ride the bus home.

I am debating on letting him ride the bus home....what do you think?



Lori said...

Jaren started riding the bus last year, when the bus started beating us home.I wish I would have let him do it earlier. This year both kids will ride the bus.

It would be really nice to not have to get the kids up (if their napping) and in the car to get him from school. The youngest kids sit up front, so you don't have to worry about him being by the big kids (which was my big concern). You can always just try it?

amyraye said...

personally, i think riding the bus is an integral part of a kid's education. it's extra fun for kade and gives you th much needed bonus of not having to go pick him up. you should try it out.