Sunday, August 8, 2010

School days

I can't believe how far I have made it. The year is over halfway and I have blogged everyday! This is the best I have done at a New Year's resolution. I hope I can make it the entire year! It does make me feel good and also helps me feel like I can actually accomplish something. Now if only I could stick to working out this well...maybe I could get rid of some of this baby weight that doesn't seem to be coming off.

I am doing my memory Monday post a day early so that I can post about Kade's first day of school tomorrow! So since Kade starts school tomorrow I decided to post about my elementary school days...

Pre-school:The type of preschool my mom put me in was Joy School where all the kids parents took a turn teaching. I don't remember if it was a for a week or for how long. I don't really remember going to other people's houses but I do remember my Mom teaching at our house. I don't even really remember what she taught by I remember being there.

Kindergarten. In kindergarten I remember that my teacher was Mrs. Perry. She was really nice. There was a girl in my class with the same name but hers was spelled Cami. I remember making papier-mâché balls and then painting them to make all the planets.

First Grade: My teacher was Mrs.Galloway. I remember the first day of school on each desk was a pencil box with a little flap sticking out of it and our names on it so we knew where our desks were. My pencil box was pink and I think after seeing the brand new crayons and pencils and a treat inside I fell in love with school supplies. I remember playing around the world and doing arts and crafts and reading the I am Sam books (at least I think that's what they are called).

Second Grade: My favorite of them all. I started out with Ms. Miller as my teacher and then she moved to Idaho during the first few months of teaching. Then Mrs.Couch came. She was my favorite of all my teachers. I remember on the last day of school we each got a book from her. Maybe that is when I developed my love to read. One of our class assignments was to draw a map from the school to our house and write directions. She then drove to each of our houses and we got a candy when she arrived. I remember she had a VW bug and one day gave me and one of my friends a ride home in it. BEST teacher ever.

Third Grade: Mrs. Bell was my teacher. The thing I remember most about this class was that she gave out tickets if you were good. At the end of the week all the tickets got put into a bowl and 15 tickets got pulled and those people got tootsie rolls and one person got a snickers candy bar. This was also the first time I really got in trouble. My friends and I stayed out after lunch recess until all the kids were called in. The safety on the playground (Mrs. Cottle) took us inside to our classroom. Well my friends and I got in lots of trouble. We had to write a whole dictionary page. I also remember Mrs. Bell reading after recess time. One of my favorite books that she read to us was Summer of the Monkey's.

Fourth Grade: My teacher was Mrs. Jones. I really liked Mrs. Jones. Although I liked the class I wasn't the best student. I did get into some trouble in that class. There was a group of us that the following year, we all got split up into a different class! That's when you know that you weren't very good. The main thing that we got in trouble for was when we had a student teacher that we didn't like, we never listened to her. I forgot the other bad thing we did. It was a fun class though. I remember having a crush on one of Mrs. Jones son. I think his name was Kip. We had the same birthday.I thought it was so cool. One of things I remember most about her class was the book reports. Every time we read a book we would fill out a round book report form and then it would be hung on the wall to create a huge caterpillar. Once we made it around the entire room we got to have a pizza party and for each book report we got a gummy worm.

Fifth Grade: My teacher was Mrs. Hansen. I also loved Mrs. Hansen. She was so nice, although the first week in her class I wrote a note to James Sorensen and got caught....I got in a little trouble from that one she was still a nice teacher though! I was on the student council, which was fun. I was even nominated president, but that's probably because I was the oldest being a 5th grader and all!

Lots of fun memories!
I wish I could be a carefree elementary school kid again!

If I have time tomorrow maybe I will add a few pictures from when I was in elementary school.

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Our Family said...

Isn't it interesting you can name all your teachers but I bet you would struggle to remember all the teams who won the world seris, Oscars, etc...