Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today I finally got a Bumbo chair! Crazy that it took me so long and lots of kids to finally decide to get one. I noticed that Keegan loves to sit up and look around and I don't always have the arms to hold him with a 14 month old running around. So I jumped onto craigslist and found one for cheap, it may be purple, but who cares, it works!
Here he is with his big brother Kade sitting in his BUMBO!

Notice Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite in the background?

Here is a pic of Kamryn and her piggies!



Christy said...

Cute! I love baby pigtales!! :) I've thought about a Bumbo but I always talk myself out of buying one. you've got me thinking. :)

Teri said...

awe.. pigtails are super cute!! and Keegan looks so big in the Bumbo.. he's growing up!! Your kids are so cute!!

Shandi said...

Such cute kids! I've wanted to get a bumbo for Jordan, I just haven't yet. Craigslist is a good idea :)

Jenny from the Blog said...

I love my Bumbo! Ramon can sit up and be part of the family in it. I got mine at Other Mother's for $20 with the tray. A good cleaning and he was sitting in it in no time!

Your babies are so adorable!!