Friday, August 27, 2010


I am tired! I have felt so tired lately. Not really sure why. I guess Keegan hasn't been sleeping as well as he usually does lately. Maybe he is growing again! All the wants to do is EAT! Had a fun night with Jenna and Nickey last night. I really needed a girls night and then got to hang out with my new friend Sara today. She has a little girl a little older than Keegan and it's fun to get together and "try" to do crafty things with my wild kids and the babies. But we have fun chatting anyway. I have almost finished my car seat shade, just a few more stitches! (took me long enough)

In other random news:

Kade breaks the school rule at lunch pretty much every day. He shares his food and today came home with Tommy's grapes.

He also told me today when he got frustrated with me, "You're giving me gray hair!" That's what his teacher tells him and the rest of the class when they don't listen or are being crazy.

Kamryn has a new word, I asked her to come get her shoes on and she came running over repeatedly saying, "Shooze, shooze, shooze." She also was being very loving to Keegan today rubbing his head and within seconds it turned into hitting his head!

Just wanted to share some cute pictures from our friends little boy's birthday party this week! (Happy 1st Birthday Dylan!)

Kade and Landon

Kade and SJ (This totally looks like a Ryan Perry smirk)


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