Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missing his brother

Yesterday we went to our friends little boy's birthday first birthday party. The kids had a blast playing with all the other kids there and I will post pictures soon! Anyhow as we pulled into the driveway and this is the conversation that Kade and I had:

Kade: said something that I am not going to repeat.
Me: We don't say that Kade.
Kade: Well a kid at school said it.
Me: Well we don't say it and Heavenly doesn't like it when we say things like that. It makes him sad.
Kade: Well I just want my brother Kooper to come back to live with us.
Me: I am sorry Kade, he can't though.
Kade: Well I just want him. Don' you want him to come back?
Me: Of course I want him to come back but he can't. One day you will get to see him again.
Kade: I remember seeing him when I was 3. (He was talking about when we had his funeral)

I feel bad when Kade talks about wanting to see Kooper again, I wish I could change things sometimes, but it also makes me happy that he remembers and misses him too and that he hasn't forgotten his little brother.

Love my boys!


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