Friday, August 6, 2010


Today the kids and I met Jenna and her kids at the mall to play. Then we got lunch and then headed over to her Mother in law's house to go swimming.

The kids had fun in the pool and Keegan was able to sit in the shade for a little bit.

Sumner and Kade




I debated for a few hours whether or not to put this picture on here, but I wanted to show a picture of Kamryn and this is the only one I got.. I am sure I have embarrassed myself even more than this picture by some of the things I have said in other blog posts so I am just going to do it and get it over with. Kamryn was being so cute and cuddly. She was getting really tired. Who are we missing a picture of? Jenna! Little stinker didn't send me a picture with her in it!
Fun Day! Can't wait for tomorrow...Ryan and I are actually going on a date for our 7 year anniversary!



amyraye said...

you're wearing your new swimsuit; i love it!
also love to see how big and adorable your cute little kooper would be next to his buddy sara jane.
happy anniversary.

Sarah said...

It's a very cute picture of you and kamryn. I love your new swim suit too.

Shandi said...

I think you two look cute! No reason to be embarrassed one bit