Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little climber!

Kamryn's is getting to be more and more work! I have to watch her real close. She can now open doors. I thought it was only from the outside pushing them open once she grabbed the handle but tonight I saw her get out of our bedroom by pulling the door open. Also she is climbing everything and has found her way into the baby swing and leans back and forth to make it swing. The other day she was sitting in it and practically rocked herself to sleep. She kept nodding off.

I heard her pounding on something and walked into the play room and there she was pounding on the printer!

She is full of it! She is so much fun and is learning new things every day!

So I messed up the time that the Blogapalooza was supposed to start so I will band I will be posting Kooper's Story another time. I don't feel like it's complete or ready yet. Hopefully soon!


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