Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Mother's Day Gift Ever! (Memory Monday)

So for Mother's Day about 10 or more years ago I decided that I was going to make my Mom the coolest Mother's Day present. She had a really old cookbook with pockets to put recipe cards in and then she also had stacks of other books and papers that had recipes on them. So I took out all the recipe cards and sorted them by food type and made a huge mess of all these recipes. Then I started typing them up. I think I typed up 10 (I may even be exaggerating) and then never finished the project. So this cool idea for the best Mother's Day gift ever turned into the worst Mother's Day gift ever. To this day my mom has to search for a recipe because they are all in folders and now mixed within each others different groups. Today I found out that my sister Ashley has been trying to help get them better organized by typing them up. And I also found a great idea that I am going to try and get put together for my Mom. Hopefully it will make up for all the stress I caused her when she could never find a recipe.

Sorry Mom! My intentions were good....


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