Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Stinker!

She is growing up too fast. She has a love for taking all her clothes out of the dresser one piece at a time! She hasn't leanred to love to put them back though! I guess she gets it from me. I remember in high school I would get a shirt out and try it on and then I didn't like it so I just rhrew it on the floor and grabbed another one. Before I knew it half my clothes were on the floor. I hated putting them away. She is so stinkin cute lately with her talking and babbling and climbing and laughing. She is such a fun girl. Although I wasn't really excited or happy to put back all the clothes, it did give me a chance to go through some of them and pack away the ones that she outgrew. Love this girl! I look forward to all the fun girly stuff we will get to do.


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