Monday, August 9, 2010

Kade's first day of school!

Kade was so excited to go to school this morning. I was excited for him to go to. I know I have been telling everyone how excited I am for this day but I knew that as much as I wanted him to go to school and learn and have fun and socialize that it would also be kind of sad for me too. I choked back tears as I drove him to school this morning. He told me, "Mom. I am growing up!" and I told him, " I know!"

Then as I watched him play on the playground with all the other kindergartners before school started I saw the Kade I knew. Sometimes Kade can be in a shy mood, well I am glad he wasn't today. He went up to a few boys on the playgrounds and said, "Hey do you want to be my friend?" Within a few minutes there for four of them playing together. He is so good at making friends. Now I just need to hope and pray that he makes good friends.

Then we all went inside and his teacher read everyone a story called, The Kissing Hand. I was choking back tears the entire time. I didn't want to look like a bawl baby! I can't believe my little guy is growing up and he isn't so little anymore. It is a really cute book. Each of the kids then gave us a little gift. There was a little note on the front and inside were tissues, a few cotton balls and some tea. This is what it said...

Here is a little gift for you as you leave your precious one with me on the first day of school. As you hold this cotton ball in your hand, the softness will help you to remember the gentle spirit of your child. After you've gone home and dried your tears make yourself a hot cup of tea. Put up your feet and relax. Remember that together you and I will work for your child to be the best they can be.

He had such a fun day at school today and he said he ate all his chicken and he even has a new friend named Aiden. Someone in his class told him his shoes were cool! And he tried to kill a fly with his pencil...then he said that the fly was in heaven with Kooper.
I am glad he had a fun day and is excited to go tomorrow!

I didn't get very good pictures of him...I think I was half asleep after working last night...that's my excuse anyway!



Ryan said...

Great job Kade! You are growing up and your mommy and I are so proud of you. I remember one time when I killed a fly just by focusing on it...that's right, superpowers!! I'll tell you that story tomorrow night. I love you Kadertot!

Colby and Kasey said...

Kade is such a stud! I can't believe he is going to school. How fun for him!

Lori said...

Jace told me he played with Kade at recess. He said "mom your friends Kade".