Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This whole Kindergarten thing has been interesting. Kade loves school and I can tell he is soaking things up like a sponge! Even the bad things...for example in my post Sunday he learned a bad word. And then yesterday we had this conversation between Ryan, Kade and I. I don't remember exactly how it lead to this subject but this is what I remember.

Ryan: Have you kissed a girl?
Kade: Yes!
Ryan: You should only kiss your Mom.
Kade: I kissed a girl on the play place.
Ryan: Oh you did. Who did you kiss?
Kade: The girl in the yellow shirt.
Ryan: What was her name?
Kade: Taylor!
Me: Where did you kiss her? On the cheek?
Kade: No....on the hand!
Me: Thinking, thank goodness.
Ryan: Why did you kiss her?
Kade: We were playing Dragon Slayer and I was the prince. She was going to die and I saved her.

I have no clue what is up with Kindergartners and Indian burns. I just read a blog post the other day about Indian burns but yesterday at the store I look over and Kade is giving Kamryn an Indian burn. I yell at him and then ask where he learned that. He said, "From Tommy, it feels good!" Well Kade and I had a talk about Indian burns after that. He still says they feel good. I remember I never thought they felt good as a kid. My older sister Bree liked to give them to me!

Something Kade is doing well at is writing his letters. He didn't like to trace them very much but looking at the work he has been doing in school he is improving so much already. He has also been learning lots of new songs. I always here him singing to Kamryn in her room. Yesterday it was BINGO! So cute!


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