Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Oh how I hate homework...not for me but for Kade. Why does it have to be so is exactly why I would (could) never homeschool. When I ask Kade to do something or try to teach him something he tells me I'm wrong but when a teacher tells hims something then it's ok. I have found that giving him the choice to do homework or go to bed helps get the homework done. We are already having problems and he is only writing letters and his name. I am not looking forward to the real math! YUCK!

I asked Kade why he added an A to his name...he doesn't know why but he likes it that way. I also don't know why his a and d are backwards. He actually knows the d is wrong, he tells me it's a b which is what it is...I guess maybe he wants to chance his name to Kabe!

So tonight the only way he would do his homework was if he used crayons...hope the teacher doesn't mind. This is what he did. Pretty creative huh?

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Shandi said...

Sounds like homework is going to be fun for you. I can't believe Kade is in kindergarten already!