Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New word!

Tonight Kamryn learned a new word, Ashley. She says Ahhh. It's too cute! I am hoping to make it to the movie Eclipse Friday night with my Mom. I am excited to see it. I have only seen good reviews! Not a whole lot to blog about. I will post more pictures soon! I am happy to say that Ryan mailed me my Sleepy Wrap earlier this week and it's a good thing because Keegan loves it! I am so excited to see Ryan soon! I miss him like crazy! We have so many memories here that I am constantly reminded of him, whether it's seeing something or someone or just a scent that brings back old memories. I can't wait until he gets here!


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Ryan said...

I miss you all so much. I am so excited to see my two favorite girls and my little guys. I was so stinkin excited I only got 2 hours of sleep. Can't wait to see you tonight. Hugs and kisss!!