Friday, June 18, 2010

Kamryn's little birthday party!

I call it little because it was. We don't have family here so we just had some friends over. It ended up just being our family and the Dunn's. Our other good friends couldn't make it to the party so they came over earlier to play and visit Keegan. Kamryn wasn't quite sure what was going on but she had fun. She loved the attention.

Here are some cute pictures of the birthday girl!

At her 1 year check-up!

Let's PARTY!

Eating her birthday dinner!

Waiting to open presents!

Dylan coming to check out her new toy!

Putting on her sqeaky shoes!

Checking her new shoes out!

She didn't care much about the cake, she was trying to figure our why everyone was singing to her!

She wasn't too happy about having her hands dirty! (Mommy's little girl!)
But she ate every last bite of that piece of cake!

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