Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We love visitors!

Kamryn opening her presents from Grandpa and Grandma Williams!

YAY! Jessie, just what she wanted!
Grandpa Tim and Keegan
He is fighting us on staying awake. He really just wanted to sleep!

Kade loving on his brother Keegan!

Messy Girl!

Jared, Kade, Ashley and Kamryn

We have had such a good time with Grandpa (in the words of Kamryn "Pompa"), Ashley and Jared. Ashley and Jared left this morning to continue on with their vacation in Vegas! Tomorrow my Dad, the kids and I are headed to Utah! I am excited for the cooler weather but not for the long drive with 3 kids! Wish me luck!
I have a little story for you. This morning I walked out to the garage to take Keegan to his ultrasound appointment and there was the most rotten smell. I thought to myself, Wow there must be a dirty diaper in one of the garbages (we have a couple small garbage cans in the garage) or there must be food in one of the garbage cans. I was in a hurry so I made a mental note to dump the trash cans when I got back.
I get back from the appointment. Empty the cans and there was no food or diapers in them. I go to our Diaper Champ that we don't use and make sure the nobody put a diaper in there thinking we actually use it. It's empty. So I go inside and get the kids and my Dad and I go to load them in the car and I tell my Dad how horrible it smells in the garage. I told him how I checked everything. I say, "It smells like something died." Then he asked if we have cleaned out the garage recently and we had a week ago. Then he says, "Oh no, pull the car out a little bit." So I do and he looks in the grill. Sure enough Ryan hit a bird two days earlier and it was stuck in grill of the car!" YUCK! The smell was awful and luckily my Dad was there to rescue me and get rid of the bird for me!
Thanks Dad, You're the best!


Young Family said...

When you come to Utah if you have time I would love to meet you. I feel like I know you so well even though we have never met.

Shandi said...

I want to see you while you're here! It's been too long. Plus I'd love to see your cute kids in person. I've only seen Kade a couple times. It'd be great to see ya if you have time. :)