Friday, June 25, 2010

Loving the oudoors!

Our first full day in Utah was nice. The weather was nice (a little warm). Kade got to play outside ALL day with his cousins.

Kade and his cousin Daion.

They both LOVED the tramp!

Kamryn got to eat a chocolate cookie courtesy of Grandpa.

She liked the grass once it got cut a little shorter. This picture was taken before it got cut...can you tell?

Kamryn with my parents dog Harley...he is only 4 months old and his paws are the size of my palm! He is a Great Dane and is only going to get bigger!

Keegan had his first bath in the tub and enjoyed it. He also found his thumb!

He didn't even cry!

I don't have a picture of it but Kade almost ended up in the ER! We went to Sam's club to pick a few things up and before you know it (I didn't actually see this) he jumps off one of the benches of a table in the food court area and smacks his head on another bench causing it to bleed and giving him a goose egg.

Kamryn loves all the people and was giving everyone kisses tonight before bed. She misses her Daddy though! I am excited for the weekend and being able to spend it outside!


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