Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An update from Kami

I couldn't resist getting on and blogging. I haven't even read the recent posts that Ryan made to update about our new arrival Keegan. I just wanted to write down my perspective on the whole thing. I am done. I am done giving birth because if I had a bigger baby I don't think he would fit! Luckily that wasn't the problem with getting him out at all. He was turned funny so his head just wasn't fitting right and he also had the cord around his neck which also could have kept him from turning like we tried to get him to do for hours. My nurses were great but I just didn't like their way of getting him turned around. With Kamryn she was posterior too and they had me lay in a position that was practically on my tummy, as much as you can be being pregnant, and she flipped around. There was no hard work involved just resting. With Keegan they had me pushing in all sorts of positions and I pushed for WAY TOO LONG! It also was a little hard because the epidural actually made my blood pressure drop quite a few times after I got it, which was causing me to feel light headed, dizzy and nauseated. It did start to wear off on the right side, which gave me a small glimpse of what all the contractions fee like. I am sure if I didn't have the epidural it would have been much worse! It was the longest and hardest labor of all my kids. I don't really consider it labor until I have to do something. And with all the others I just had to push at the end for not too long and they were out! My epidural was wearing off and I was soo tired, I wasn't sure I would have enough energy to push him out when the doctor got there. But once they got the vacuum it took 2 sets of contractions and I was able to reach down and pull him up onto my chest. To me he doesn't look huge but to all the nurses he does. He was worth every second of labor and every second of being pregnant.

Grandma Keren and the kids came to visit for a little bit today. I will post pictures soon. We are hoping to be going home tonight and then we can get some pictures up finally!

Today Kade told my Mom that I had 5 kids and that next I was going to have a girl and that he would have two sisters....That is definitely not in the plan. Sorry Kade! He tells me all the time that he is going to have 5 kids when he gets big and married.

Hopefully I will be on my way home soon and get some pictures up!



Marissa said...

Congratulations Kami! Soooooo happy for you. Can't wait to see pics. Okay so when are you running your marathon? ")

Shandi said...

I remember the nurses saying Jordan was so big too. He was tiny to me though :) Keegan is a cutie! Congrats!