Friday, June 11, 2010

I don't have much to say today. I have been trying to rest and get better and I am so glad and thankful that my Mom could be here to help. I don't want her to go and I wish we were able to actually do things and hang out instead of take care of Kade and Kamryn while I lay on the couch or take care of Keegan. I know she is here to help but I would rather hang out and have fun than lay on the couch and wish I were able to do more.
So that is why there is nothing to blog about besides how excited I am to get Kamryn's birthday present in the mail....

Squeaky Shoes!



Sarah said...

Oh those shoes are adorable. Love them! kamryn will love them too.

Ryan said...

They will be adorable for the first 5 minutes, then they'll just be annoying. But hey, at least Kami is excited =).