Monday, June 14, 2010

Chubby girl in a little diaper!

If I ever wondered or had to guess that Kamryn would fit into a size one diaper I would say no....Apparently she does (wish I would have gotten a picture of that one!), because this morning when I changed her diaper, I put one on her and went on with my day...about an hour later I went to get her dressed for the day and noticed that she was wearing Pampers (Kamryn wears Huggies)...and they seemed a little tight. I looked at them more carefully and realized I put Kamryn in Keegan's diaper. And yes, Keegan completely surpassed size newborn diapers. I used the samples that I had gotten in the mail but they were short on my long little guy. So I guess I will be taking some packages of diapers back to the store to exchange for a bigger size.

Now I know that in a pinch Kamryn can always wear one of Keegan's diapers!


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