Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where did this sweet little boy come from?

So this morning I hear Kade walk in to my parents house and yell, "Mom, look what I have for you!", and in his hands are some white daisy flowers. Then my Mom helped him pick a few more to make this bouquet. They looked a little better this morning. They are starting to droop a little.

Then a little while later he comes running out of the computer room and says, "Mom come see the heart I drew for you!" I went and looked and thanked him and told him good job and he runs out again and said, "Mom, come see the picture I drew of you!" He has been a really sweet boy today. I haven't seen a lot of that lately from him. It is nice to see the side I know and love so much! It's much better than seeing the naughty/talk back to you side that he has been showing lately. Hopefully I will be seeing the sweet side of him more often!

I love you Kade!


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