Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Kooper!

My little Angel would be two today. Some call it an Angelversary, I call it it his birthday. It kind of sounds weird because he isn't actually aging, but it's his birthday. Last night I told Kade that tomorrow is Kooper's birthday. He had to tell everyone, "Guess what? Tomorrow is my brother Kooper's birthday!" I miss him so much and wish he were here. Although have 3 kids under the age of 2 sounds psychotic....because 2 under 1 is CRAZY! So I can't call it crazy but it would be me! I wish he were here. I wish he were here to play cars and pick on Kamryn and Keegan and drive Kade CRAZY with bothering him, following him and stealing his toys. I wonder what he would be like and what his personality would be like. I can't wait to meet him again and raise him. I can only try my hardest and do my best to be worthy enough to be raise him in the millennium and watch him grow up,play, hold him, give him lots of kisses and see his cute personality.

I remember holding this sweet little hand and just looking at him, trying to take in all of his features and every little part of him. I remember some days waking up and thinking I was still pregnant and hoping it was all just a bad dream. In some ways I wish it was, but I know it happened for a reason. I long to hold Kooper and love to say his name. I love his name. Sorry to my other kids, but I think he has the coolest name ever! I love it!
This is my 400th post funny enough and Kooper is the main reason I started to blog.

You can still watch the video that a wonderful volunteer photographer from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep put together for us. Just click HERE. She did such a wonderful job and I am going to treasure the pictures she took of our family forever. I still have this one hanging in our living room.

We have got new family pictures taken but I haven't been able to replace that picture. I guess I need to get a new frame.

Happy Birthday Kooper! We love and miss you so much!



ABlack said...

I remember watching that video with you 2 years ago. It is still just as beautiful and heart breaking. I think about you often and need to come by and see Keegan, I'm sorry I haven't yet.
I wish I could do something to make this day a little easier for you.
And I think Kooper has a totally great name as well! =)
Love you,

Malory said...

Happy birthday Kooper! I know how hard these days can be. What a beautiful fam pic to have.