Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Miniature Golf

While we were visiting in Utah my parents, niece and nephew along with our family met my Aunt Amy and cousin Ryan in Ogden to do a little miniature golfing and batting at the batting cages at Toads (I think that is the name of the place). It was really hot! I didn't get a lot of pictures for that reason! We didn't even finish all 18 holes because Keegan was getting too warm and so was everyone else.

Here are some pictures from the batting cages.

Kamryn just hanging out with her scratched upper lip.

Keegan enjoying being carried around and taking a nap

My Mom hitting a few balls

Kade waiting his turn with Grandpa

Kade watching his Dad show him how to do it!

Kade batting!

I even tried to hit a couple!
Of course we went to Crown Burger after! YUMMY! If you have never been, you should go. They have the best fries and fry sauce! My stomach is growling just thinking about it!


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