Monday, July 19, 2010

Lizards, Cats, and Crickets...Oh my!

We have had a few cute but unwanted visitors at our house lately. A few days ago we had a stray cat that walked up to the sliding glass door meowing. He sat and nuzzled the door and Kade and Kamry had so much fun petting him through the glass. Kade kept asking if he could keep him. They also fought over who got to sit directly in front of the cat. It was cute...although I don't want a cat so I of course said no to keeping it!

Then this morning Ryan yelled to me, "Kami, come here. I need a piece of paper!"

I walk into the kitchen and there he is with a small bowl on the floor and a tiny lizard about 2-3 inches long (including the tail) trying to get out from under the bowl.

This picture was taken of it outside.

He was so cute. I would have loved to keep him to eat all the crickets we are getting in our house. (Luckily the pest control guys are coming this week!) I love lizards! Of course Kade wanted to keep him and was sad that we let him go.


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