Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keegan is 1 month old!

Wow, Keegan is a month old already! He has been a pretty good baby, although he loves to be held. He loves to sleep in his bouncer as long as the vibration is on. He is a good eater and usually downs 5oz every 3 hours. Today while taking a nap he passed a little gas and scared himself. His arms flew out and his eyes opened wide. He usually sleeps about 6 hours straight at night and sometimes surprises me with 7, but last night he went 8 hours! WOO HOO! It was awesome! He is definitely getting bigger, I am sure by his two month appointment he will be 15 pounds! I will post some pictures later. I didn't take any today, except with my phone and those didn't turn out.


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Shandi said...

Jordan scares himself in his sleep all the time, flailing his arms out and all :)