Thursday, July 22, 2010


So today there were a few first in our family.

I was holding Keegan and he was so alert, all I said was hello little guy, and he smiled. I kept talking to him and he smiled a few more times. Usually the only smiles I see are when he is asleep.

Then a little bit later, when he was in his bouncer Kamryn came over and bent down and gave him a kiss on the head! I have tried to get her to give him a kiss, but she just won't. She did it on her own. I guess she is starting to love her little brother!

For the record, Kade does know how to rhyme. I taught him yesterday and he is even better at it today!

On to clean my messy house and hopefully get ready for the day while the babies sleep.

Here are a few pictures of Keegan asleep in his swing yesterday. He loves the swing!

He was smiling alot and I kept missing it! Here is the end of the smile.

I loved how his little monkey feet were sticking out.

This is the usual Kamryn hair do after waking up from a nap!

I don't have many pictures of me holding Keegan. Kade got a hold of my camera yesterday and started taking pictures. This was me with Keegan in the sleepy wrap changing Kamryn's diaper. It's much easier to carry both of them with this on. Notice the big sheet over Kamryn's window? That's to keep her from waking up at 5am! Totally random I know, I just thought I would share what I look like on a day to day basis...wearing comfy sweats and always a baby in my arms. If Kamryn doesn't want to be held...Keegan does and it goes both ways. And when I am not doing that, Kade wants me to play cars or mariokart! I love my kids!


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