Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a mess!

Today we took Keegan to his surgical consult for his tongue tie problem. Surprisingly enough they did the procedure right in the office. He cried when they held his head down. It was probably as bad as getting your ears prieced. He is completely fine and I can already see a difference in his tongue movement and he eats and holds his binki in his mouth better. The pediatrician in the hospital told us that sometimes it will just stretch out eventually and that they don't cut them very often anymore. He even mentioned there being a lot of blood. Well I don't know if he was trying to scare us from doing it but there were only a couple drops of blood and it hasn't bled anymore. I am glad I got it done while he was young enough to not even know what was going on.

Today I noticed that Kamryn is getting another tooth on the top...YAY! Can't wait for more to come in so she can start to eat more foods.

So tonight I made spaghetti for dinner and I ran to the bathroom, when I got back this is what I found!

Kamryn loves Kade! She follows him around and they laugh together all the time.

This was our little Rock Star this morning!



amyraye said...

i just wanted to acknowledge what a great job you've done keeping your blog up with how crazy your new life is. i think it's so great that you're still getting things written down even though you're exhausted and so busy. go kami!

Jesika said...

Hey!! I didn't know Keegan was "tongue-tied"....I never knew what that term meant until Stocktin was born tongue-tied. He had his tongue 'fixed' in the Dr office too! Simple procedure but made a world of difference! Stocktin can lick a popscicle and click his tongue! Simple things I took for granted when I was a kid! Keegan is beautiful!!

Kami said...

Thanks Amy! Many nights it doesn't ge sone until right before I go to bed but I am glad I am doing it! I'm almost halfway done!

I didn't know what it was either until the doctor said something, I am glad I took care of it. Alot of moms and doctors are not fixing them anymore.