Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sick kids!

Last night was a LONG night! Both the kids are getting colds and teeth! The main problem is that they both NEED to sleep in their own beds. Kamryn was up and down all night. She can only sleep in her bed. She will lay by you for a few minutes in our bed when she is sick and then she has to move again and then move again and it's just restless and she never falls asleep.  Finally at 4:30 we had some cereal and watched Toy Story 3 until we both passed out. Keegan was up in our bed on and off when Kamryn wasn't. He sleeps better in his own bed but when he is sick or restless with teething he likes to hold me. Really I hold him and he wraps his arms around my neck or grabs my hands or my hair. He sleeps pretty well with us because not that long ago he was sleeping with us. The only problem is that now he is on the move it is hard to let him sleep with us especially when we can't barricade him between us in our huge bed. He has had a fall that luckily no harm was done, but I was worried it would happen again. So they both got Tylenol and that didn't help. I can't find my teething tablets so no luck there. Needless to say it was a long night. So today we took it easy. Kade asked a million times it doesn't feel like I am exaggerating but I am sure I am if we could go to the park but lucky us, we hard rain all day and nice cool weather and with sick kids, we didn't make it to the park. Looks like I will be staying home from church tomorrow so I don't spread the germs to all the other little ones in nursery. Of course that is probably where she picked it up!

 Last night we were discussing the things I wanted to do with the kitchen. It's going to be a long process because we don't have the money to just redo everything at once but last night I decided that we are starting with painting the kitchen. So since we were pretty much stuck at home with sick kids Ryan and I prepped the kitchen and tonight we painted! We still have lots more to do like...refinish the cabinets, back splash, hardware for the cabinets and whatever else pops up. But it is progress. I will keep you posted!

I just wanted to show some recent pictures of the kids. I haven't had any luck getting Kamryn's picture with her tongue sticking out. She hasn't really tried except for once. I don't think she understands since it has never gone further than her lip!  Hopefully I will get a picture soon so I can put up the before and after.

 This one is before the surgery...don't mind the crazy hair!
 Keegan's favorite thing to do....I need to get something to cover those wires. Strangulation hazard! Yikes!

 His second favorite thing to do...either his thumb or his toe....he doesn't care!


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Christy said...

I'm sorry that's miserable...Emmy's been sick too. She hasn't been sleeping through the night at all. Hope you get better soon!! Missed you in church today!