Monday, February 7, 2011

8 Months old!

I have been telling people that Keegan is 8 months old for a while now. I guess he seems older than he is to me and I'm the one that doesn't want him to grow up! Keegan is just growing up way too fast. Just in the past week and a half he has started crawling and really fast, clapping and learning how to do new things everyday. It makes me sad that my little baby is growing so fast! He is starting to get mad when you take away things that he isn't supposed to have. Before he could care less and find something else to chew on. He is sleeping good some nights, other nights he sleeps good, only he wants to sleep on our comfy bed and not his crappy crib mattress. We are hoping this doesn't last too much longer. His teeth might be bothering him. He melts my heart with his smile. He is such a lovey baby and loves to snuggle up. He loves to grab my hair or necklace and play with them. Lately he has been chewing on his fingers or putting whatever he can in his mouth (including my hair or my necklace!) He is such a good baby. He has his moments but honestly I couldn't have asked for a  better little guy. Either I have gotten good at this mom thing or God has blessed me with a good baby because he knows I need it with the kids being so close together. I am thinking it is the second one. I didn't get pictures of Keegan today because I was sleeping most of the day since I worked last night and tonight. Maybe I will manage to get some of the cutie tomorrow!

So...a few days ago Keegan had a major blowout! I mean major. I had to throw his outfit away it was so bad. Luckily the outfit was barely fitting so I wasn't too sad about getting rid of it. He has usually been a backed up kind of kid in that department especially since switching him to formula. I can feel two little bumps on his bottom gums so I think this stinky situation has something to do with teething. 

Keegan is starting to play more and more with Kade and Kamryn. A few weeks ago Kade was playing with his Tech Decks, (I think that's what they are called) those finger skateboards. Well Keegan was laying on the floor just staring at him. He looked so amazed. Kade went and got one for Keegan to play with and Keegan didn't put it in his mouth one time. Usually anything he can get his hands on goes straight to his mouth. He just sat there and played with it, trying to make it do cool tricks like Kade. It was so cute.

I love this little guy and wish he would stay in this stage forever! He is a charmer! I will have to update this post later with his height and weight as I didn't have a chance to get that done today either! Hey at least I got a blog post right???


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