Tuesday, February 15, 2011

D-backs fan fest and V-day!

Saturday we took the kids to the Diamondback's Fan Fest! The kids had a lot of fun. They had bouncers and the company Ryan works for is a sponsor so we were able to see a few of his co-workers.  Here are a few pictures from our day!

Even Keegan had a D-backs shirt on!

 I thought I got a pic with Kamryn and her stickers but I guess I didn't.  She ended up with a rash where her stickers were...

**********Valentines Day! ************

 Don't these look delicious??? They are! This is what Ryan got me for Valentine's Day even though last week I asked and I thought we agreed that we weren't doing presents this year. Oh well we BOTH got to enjoy them! Thanks hunny you know me so well!

The kids got spoiled with gifts in the mail from grandparents and then I ended up not having to work so Ryan and I put the kids to bed and then spent the rest of the night eating our strawberries and catching up on our favorite shows on the DVR! I know so romantic...at least I wasn't at work and I got to spend some time with Ryan!

I found this in CJ's bed....either he stole it from Kamryn or Kamryn wanted to give CJ a nice treat! I am betting on the first one...

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