Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 kids

Today as I was driving in the car with the kids I was telling Kade about this kids table that I was going to pick up from someone who was about to send it off to Goodwill. I told him that it had four chairs. Kade says, "But mom you only have 3 kids....Oh wait, you have four! Kooper, he's in heaven. " I love that he remebers him even if it as times where it doesn't exactly matter because it makes me smile to know that he thinks of his brother often.

Earlier today I read a blog of another Angel Mommy who lost her first child and how her second child reminds them if they accidentally forget to mention his older sister in their prayers. It makes me wonder how I can help Kamryn and Keegan come to know that they have another brother that is in heaven watching over them. I want them to know Kooper too and remember him like Kade remembers him.


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