Friday, February 11, 2011

The kids!

Keegan and Kamryn are starting to play more and more. They get mad at each other for taking eachothers toy. Neither of them really know how to share yet. Kamryn tells him No No and he laughs at her.

Ms. Crazy Hair this morning!

Look at me mom!

Today Kade was looking at Keegan and said, "Mom, that's my shirt when I was a baby." he must have remembered seeing pictures of himself in the same outfit.
Poor buddy had a fall this morning and got a little carpet burn! :(
 The new table. It has chalkboard paint on top!
 I hate the flash because my kids always blink when I try and take their picture!
 Keegan is already pullhg himsefl up to stand..YIKES!

Last but not least today Kade told me, "I want Kamryn to be big so we can fight!" Oh great! They already wrestle and I can barely handle that!

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TheBurninghams said...

I love the table and I love love love Keegan in these pictures! He is dang cute!:)